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If you receive a call from our Fraud Dept and they ask you to call them back at the number above PLEASE DO! (2/6/2014)

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The GHA Federal Credit Union, in conjunction with CVS-CareMark, is pleased to announce our exclusive GHA Federal Credit Union RxSavingsPlus Discount Card. (11/13/2012)

Free $1000.00 policy is available to all members who sign up for it. Questions 800-779-5433 (10/23/2012)

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The first $200.00 from a deposit of other checks will be available by the first business day after the day of your deposit (9/23/2011)

Card skimming is becoming a common problem at ATMs and Gas stations (9/14/2011)

Enterprise has offered a discount for GHAFCU Id # 2490107 Pin# GRE 1-800 rent-acar (3/9/2011)

Six Regulation D allows a maximum of six withdrawals or transfers per month from your non-transaction accounts such as your Savings,Clubs and/or Money Marketing accounts (9/23/2010)

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Use our Link for Uchoose Rewards to register your card/cards and start earning points when you swipe your card and select Credit. (4/28/2010)

The reason is simple ... credit unions are cooperatives, owned by the members that use them (9/21/2008)

 (5/29/2008) (10/23/2007)

Allpoint network has over 50,000 SURCHARGE free ATM's all over the country and GHAFCU has joined too pass the savings on to our members (2/28/2007)

The Credit Union has added eNFACT protection to its Debit Master Card: (2/23/2007)

Introducing new technology to ensure your safety on our internet banking services (11/27/2006)



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